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Bio Coating

For the food and packaging industry we are offering a wide range of dispersion Barrier coated cardboard types, in addition to this package we also offer barrier liners for solid and corrugated packaging. The types that are suitable: GD2, GT2, GC2, GC1, SBS, Kraftliners, Coated unbleached kraft, kraftpapers. This dispersion barrier coating is a supplement to or a replacement for the extrusion coating and this term includes a water-based coating.


The barrier coating offers a solid, uniform and non-porous polymer film on paper or cardboard. It is very well suited for packaging that resists water, water vapor, grease, oilgrease and also requires heat resistance up to 220 degrees. The barrier meets the high demands of the food industry. The coating is heat sealable, can be glued and, if desired, also printable. The KIT levels have a range of KIT 4, KIT 8 to KIT 12


Advantages of Dispersion Coated Barrier cardboard in comparison with plastic coated cardboard types (PE, PP, PET):

  • Compostability,

  • easily recyclable;

  • Dispersion coated barrier cardboard is a mono material (no plastic + cardboard);

  • Yield advantage, a lower barrier coating for obtaining the same barrier properties;

  • Matte coating, which looks like it is pure cardboard;

  • Better heat resistance than PE or PP.


The biggest advantage is the smaller CO2 footprint:

  • The main raw materials are renewable;

  • Free from oil-based plastics;

  • Water-borne coatings give barrier properties without fluorine chemicals or waxes;

  • Can be recycled or composted without separating the coating, And can be reused as Pulp.

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