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PE Coating

Polyethylene (PE) coated cardboard is suitable for packaging applications where moisture barrier properties are important. The PE coating also offers a simple but efficient way to seal the package. PE coatings can be one or two-sided and there are three different types of PE coating available: LDPE, LDPE Super Seal and HDPE. The LDPE is the most used product for frozen products. It offers a good combination of barrier and weldability properties. LDPE Super Seal has better heat sealing properties than LDPE. The barrier properties are marginally lower. HDPE has a higher temperature limit, is more resistant to wear and has better barrier properties than LDPE. HDPE coatings are normally applied on the back. All PE coatings are available in white, brown or black pigmented versions.

Additional properties


Benefits of PE coating:

Good Sealability As a one-sided coated; 

good moisture barrier from the inside As a double-sided coated; 

good moisture barrier on both sides


Typical end use areas

One-sided LDPE / HDPE Vegetables (packed pre-frozen)

Fish and other seafood (packed pre-frozen)

Meat products (packed pre-frozen) c

ups Ice Cream Confectionery Chocolate LDPE with two sides

Fish and other seafood (wet packed)

Vegetables (wet packed)

cups Ice

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