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PET Laminating

Polyethylene terephthalate (PET) laminated board is suitable for packaging applications where the grease barrier and temperature resistance are important. It is amorphous and sealable. At temperatures around 70 ° C, it is successively transformed into a partially crystalline state with a melting point of about 260 ° C. This means that the heat sealing properties of the package will deteriorate upon heating. It can be used for food products that are cooked in the package and / or re-heated in a microwave or conventional oven.


Additional properties

The PET-coated cardboard can be used for applications up to 220 ° C, depending on the filling of the packaging and gives:

  • Very good temperature resistance

  • Good sealing

  • Excellent oxygen barrier from the inside

  • Extremely good grease barrier from the inside

  • The back always has a glossy finish for improved surface characteristics.


Typical end use areas

  • One-sided PET Microwave and conventional oven trays for cooking / heating

  • Confectionery Baking trays for conventional / microwave ovens L

  • ids for trays made of PET coated plate

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