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PankaStar® UC2

PankaStar® is a uncoated folding cardboard with high smoothness for excellent printing. The smoothness is achieved through the Condebelt treatment. PankaStar is ideal for, for example, special packaging with an ecological design approach. Due to its high air permeability and smoothness, PankaStar is also ideal for skin packaging. PankaStar is available from 230 g / m2 to 550 g / m2 (1.0 mm). PankaStar is free from OBA.

PankaPlex® UC2

PankaPlex® is a uncoated cardboard quality consisting of two layers, specially designed for the food industry. PankaPlex is made of chemical pulp in combination with a smooth and white top layer of chemical pulp. The smoothness and high purity are achieved through the Condebelt treatment. These special properties make PankaPlex ideal for various end uses in the food industry (eg plates, outer liner in double-walled cups) and various laminating applications, where a smooth, uncoated surface is required. PankaPlex is biodegradable with certified compostability (190g / m2 to 240g / m2). PankaPlex is available from 190 g / m2 to 525 g / m2 (1.2 mm). Pankaplex is free from OBA.

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